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with the caribbean sea on a side, and the sierra nevada on the other, they make santa marta an unforgettable and enchanted city

discover its magic and live an amazing experience on board on one of our luxury pontoon boats.

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Our experience on the cities of Santa Marta and Cartagena they make us experience leaders

Do you know Santa Marta?

Near Gabriel Garcia Marquez´s crib, father of magical realism, the Santa Marta beaches captives with its activities and culture, among other things. here the tourists always find something fun to spend their time such as: diving, adventure sports, or visiting beaches where the tropical forest encounters with the sea. birds sight seeing, a tour through the historic city, and a visit to the heart of the tayrona culture.

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tayrona desde el mar

Waters of crystalline blues and greens, an ecology and biodiversity unique in the world and a magical boat tour that allows direct contact with nature, are some of the characteristics that make our tour of Tayrona National Park the ideal destination for lovers of the nature.

santa marta desde el mar

The Caribbean Sea on one side, the Sierra Nevada on the other make Santa Marta an unforgettable and charming place. Discover all its magic and live a unique experience aboard our luxury pontoons. On the tour you will visit the Inca Inca Beaches, Playa Blanca, Playa Santo Cristo, Cabo Tortuga, El Bajo, Bello Horizonte and Rodadero sector

ciega grande de santa marta

Explore the big swamp of Santa Marta, a place known as the sanctuary of nature thanks to its diversity of flora and fauna. Paradise recognized by UNESCO.Formed with 26,810 ha of water it is located between warm and swampy lands that extends along the Magdalena River, before


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